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General Question about FiltaGlobal

Why should I offshore with FiltaGlobal?

We’re the best! No seriously, we have 40 years’ experience in recruitment and management in Australia & Asia. We listen, we discuss, we advise and our clients trust us. We’re a happy, fun lot & we’ll do whatever it takes (if it’s legal) to keep you happy!

Are you like Upwork? Do employees work from their homes?

No, we’re not like Upwork or any Freelancer site. You hire dedicated employees through us, that work in our managed offices in the Philippines. Aside from saving costs, our established infrastructure, recruitment and supervision provide you with a reliable & professional service compared to working with offshore freelancers that often carry multiple risks.

Can I visit your Manila office and meet my employees?

Absolutely! We welcome clients to visit our state of the art offices to meet and spend time with their team. We ensure you work next to your employee and will supply computers and desk space – we also can’t wait to show you around the Philippines – so we’d love to take you to dinner and if you dare, some karaoke!

What do your services include?

We provide a fully functional, state of the art office, we help you hire your own dedicated staff member, we take care of all non-work related issues (HR, payroll, taxes, medical, leave, hardware & software, legal issues, IT support etc.) and a dedicated account manager who alongside the Australian Directors will look after all your whims!

What skill specialties do you provide?

Our expertise lies in Accounting, Legal, Finance, IT & Digital, Creative Industries, Marketing & Human Resources, Real Estate, Construction & Administration.

Do you charge for a consultation?

No! We like getting out of the office & believe the best way to get to know you & your business is catching up in person to better understand what you want to achieve & if we can offer you the right solution. All this for FREE!

General Questions about Offshoring

What is offshoring?

Offshoring is the process of relocating your business functions to lower cost countries, like the Philippines. This process involves acquiring a team of remote staff who perform some, if not most, of your back-office functions. These remote staff work for you as your employees. They work the same business hours you do and only work for you.

Why offshore to the Philippines?

The trend to offshore to the Philippines began ten years ago with companies like Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Telstra, Suncorp and ANZ. This was triggered by the following factors:

  • Reduced labour costs
  • Skilled and globally competitive professionals
  • High-degree of proficiency in the English language
  • Strong Western culture from decades of influence
  • Positive work ethics

Why is there a trend of offshoring Australian work to the Philippines?

The similar time zone with Australia and New Zealand made the Philippines an attractive offshore outsourcing location. Just observe the very slight time zone difference below:

  • Same time zone with Western Australia
  • Two hours behind the East coast of Australia (AEST)
  • Four hours behind the New Zealand
  • Short flying time of only 8 hours from Sydney

General Questions about Remote Staff

How can I ensure that the right person is hired for the position?

We believe that hiring the right person, not the first person is critical to your business and we take the time to conduct a thorough needs & position analysis with you, conduct thorough face to face interviews, provide samples of work, provide comprehensive reports with our recommendations, administer psychometric testing, assist you with reviewing resumes & conducting interviews with you via video conferencing, and a minimum of two reference checks helps us get it right every time.

Can you administer and monitor live evaluation tests in the recruitment process?

Yes, we can be involved in set up and implementation or you can run your own testing.

How do I guarantee my remote staff is giving their 100% in the workplace?

Alongside yourself, we conduct ongoing monthly performance reviews with you and your employee to ensure everything is running smoothly & anything that needs to be ironed out, can be actioned quickly. These reviews are tailored to your needs and performance is continually improved to ensure maximum productivity.

How do you make sure the staff are motivated?

We ensure we hire self-motivated people; we believe we have hired ‘The Happiest Man in the Philippines’, Fred, our Account Manager who sits in the same office, handles all HR, chats to you regularly, takes your team member to coffee, and runs a monthly social club where the FiltaGlobal Offshoring team gets a chance to unwind and bond with other FiltaGlobal members.

What are the options to communicate with my remote staff?

Skype, Zoom, Slack, Email, Telephone, Chat! All or some. We recommend chatting to your staff member via video communication at least twice a day.

Are offshore staff members employed by me or by you?

Your remote staff member are legally employed by our offshoring partner Emapta Versatile Services, but work directly and exclusively for you from our supervised offices in Pasig, Manila.

What if my offshore staff member leaves?

We have very high retention in our team due to our rigorous recruitment, technical and psychometric testing and engagement program. However, if this does occur within the first six months of a new starter, we assume full responsibility of recruiting your new staff member at no additional costs.  After this period, a small administration fee would be payable.

What if I need to terminate a remote staff member?

Between us, we do everything so this doesn’t happen. However, if it does, we would have been working with you on the documentation and performance management of your staff member so it will be seamless and painless for all parties.

Do remote staff work on Philippine public holidays?

Your offshore staff generally work the same working hours and business days as your office. They may be in the Philippines, but they often follow your public holidays for guaranteed efficient company operations.

What leave are the staff members entitled to?

Remote staff are given annual 20 days leave that can be taken as annual leave, study leave or sick leave. As their leave doesn’t accrue, we encourage staff to take their leave throughout the year, so they can remain happy, productive and healthy.

What are the benefits you offer to remote staff?

We offer lots of perks to help your staff stay happy, healthy and productive.

  • Highly unique to offshoring & the most prized consideration; is that we offer medical insurance for all staff & a dependent, from day one.
  • Monthly social club
  • Early Finish Friday’s
  • Day shifts only – which means the staff miss rush hour
  • Brand new office with state of the art facilities
  • Free coffee & treats
  • We laugh a lot!
  • Work-life balance

Can I offer incentives?

Yes! There are many ways to reward your staff. Options may include bonus’s, weekly massage’s, Starbucks card, domestic travel, hotel accommodation and an opportunity to visit Australia!

IT & Infrastructure

I want to hire more than one person; do you have the infrastructure?

Yes! We’re a very well organised set up. We ensure your team gets to sit together to make interactions easy and its easy for us to increase our office space, even with short notice.

What kind of software and hardware do you provide?

We have separate rooms for video conferencing and our office ensures we provide the latest hardware and software:

Hardware include:

  • Intel i5 Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 250 GB SSD
  • 500 GB HHD
  • USB Keyboard and Mouse
  • One (1) 22” Monitor
  • Noise cancelation Headset with Mic
  • Logitech HD Camera
  • Printer / Scanner

      Software Includes:

  • Windows 10/7/8 OS
  • Bitdefender Anti-virus
  • Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher
  • Google Chrome
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 11
  • Managed Windows Domain
  • SJPhone – Softphone with AUD DID
  • Skype / Zoom Basic
  • TeamViewer

Is it possible to provide additional hardware and software?

Yes, we have clients who due to the nature of their business have their own software and hardware requirements that can be purchased /installed at the client’s cost.

Data Security

How does FiltaGlobal ensure employees are responsible and trustworthy?

We hire only responsible and trustworthy staff members after our extensive background check process. We induct and supervise the hiring and training process to ensure workplace confidentiality is implemented.

  • Verification of submitted educational certificates
  • Requirement of two references from their previous employers
  • Signed non-disclosure agreement by all employees

What about ownership of work?

All work that has been done by your employee belongs to you, including any and all products inventions, ideas or original works of authorship.

Can I see my employees screen whilst they work on my project?

Yes, if you would like to, we can suggest some tools that would assist you.

Can I have certain websites blocked on my employee’s computer?

Yes. You can request certain websites to be blocked on your employee’s desktop.


What is FiltaGlobal’s contract period?

We have a 12 month contract period that keeps rolling on unless otherwise notified.

How much notice is required to exit your services?

We’re sorry to see you go. We hope you’ve had a productive time with us and that we’ve helped your business grow – if you decide to leave, we require three months written notice.

I’m keen to hire remote staff, where to from here?

Please call us on +61 7 3102 3202 or drop us an email at hello@filtaglobal.com

We look forward to working with you.

Want to see how easy offshoring can be?

We’d love to show you how offshoring can save you money and help your business grow.

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