A happy side effect of a great offshore team

Posted 05 April 2018

Sometimes, having an offshore team has some really nice side benefits you don’t expect.

When we started offshoring (with our old business – national executive & search firm) it was all about getting transactional processes done at a cheap price.  However, we quickly realised offshoring teams work best when you have the right people in the right roles taking ownership and contributing to growth.  Regardless of location or culture, people intrinsically want to feel like they are part of something special, they want to feel like they make a difference.  Through empowering and educating our people, we’ve created a high performing team who treat our business as their own.  We empower them to make decisions, and we educate them on how those decisions affect the growth of our business.

So what’s the happy side effect for me?  I get to go surfing.

Today I spent the morning surfing with a client.  Quality time with clients is always good, but quality time with a client in the surf is even better.  I only get to do this because our team know where we are going, and the roles they play to get us there.  They are empowered to make decisions and are allowed to make mistakes.  That’s why I can rely on my offshore team.

What’s the moral of the story?  An offshore team doesn’t need to be just about process.  If you find the right people, empower them and let them take ownership, you’ll get so much then you ever thought possible.