Cultural differences working with Filipinos.

Posted 06 July 2018.  Written by Efren Chaux

The thing about building and managing offshore teams in the Philippines is that cultural differences matter. When you hire a Filipino, you’ll be surprised to be called “sir”, “maam” or even “boss”. Westerners are not into these terms but to Filipinos it sounds disrespectful to call their manager by first name only.  This is because Filipinos are used to a hierarchy type of management, while with westerners everyone, even the new hire, can participate in discussions and give suggestions.

Finding a cultural midpoint is key to your team’s success. You’ll find that Filipinos will get used to calling you by name, they’ll even tend to get friendlier with you and probably give you nicknames. They also end up loving open and interactive discussions because it makes them feel really part of the team. It’s how they gain confidence and learn to be straightforward.

Westerners and Filipinos can be different, but those differences make working a fun, interesting and diverse environment!

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