Brent Valle: Having a spirit of adventure (when it’s lost)

Brent Valle is a force of nature with a passion for life and for making the world a better place every way he can. As a highly successful entrepreneur, rugged outdoor sportsman and a true humanitarian, Brent is not content to just forge his own business and life successes, he earnestly works to bring others along for the ride.

Brent built and sold two companies. His most recent success a tech start-up he co-founded and recently sold in a multimillion dollar deal. At NGage Technology Group, he turned an initial $2000 investment into a $27 million gross revenue company within five short years. Won awards including the CRN Fast 50 and finishing 5th in the BRW Fast 100.

Brent has launched a new start up – The Future Phase – that is a leadership and mentoring company that incorporates epic adventures into its programs to give its members the kick-start they need and forward momentum to accelerate them rapidly to their goals.

Family comes first for Brent and he loves surfing and snowboarding and is also a passionate philanthropist, environmentalist and aspiring author (currently writing his first book).

This episode is about having a spirit of adventure (when it’s lost).

Show Notes

  • Brent discusses his very first entrepreneurial experience and what he learnt 00:4:29
  • Brent’s journey into IT with no technical knowledge 00:08:58
  • The power of investing in others 00:12:20
  • How Brent started grew and sold his first business 00:13:32
  • How did Brent’s business explode and how you can implement his strategies into your business 00:22:13
  • How Virgin inspired Brent to create a business loyalty and partner program 00:23:57
  • Understanding and overcoming business challenges 00:26:11
  • How Brent’s snowboarding accident led him to sell his multimillion dollar business 00:30:29
  • Where the inspiration for The Future Phase arose 00:36:36
  • How Brent dealt and overcame depression 00:45:10
  • Why Brent believes people are afraid to be vulnerable at work and why it’s necessary for success 00:52:40
  • Brent talks through the best starting point to overcoming your fears 01:01:32
  • If Brent was given an extra hour a day, this is what he would do 01:03:24
  • What’s the bad advice Brent hears people give frequently 01:03:55
  • Brent’s superpower 01:05:01
  • If you want to step away from your job and follow your passion, this is what Brent would recommend you do first 01:06:18