Jellaine Dee of Cherry Blooms: On her way to creating a $100 million business podcast.

Jellaine Dee Cherry Blooms

In this podcast, we discuss how Jellaine founded Cherry Blooms at 24 and how to make it in the global market.

From weekend markets to being headhunted for product inclusion in the Golden Globes and the Oscars Gift Bags, Jellaine Dee’s climb to the top has been both rapid and unconventional. The 34-year old Telstra Young Women’s Business Award winner began her career in the advertising industry, but quickly discovered she had the “entrepreneurial bug”.

Her first big product to bring to market was the Beauty Bag Organiser, but it was her Brush On Fiber Lashes that catapulted Cherry Blooms to global success and multi-million dollar turn over within 12 months of launching in USA. Cherry Blooms is distributed across 50 states in the United States, Canada and several South American and European Union countries. It is just one of three Aussie brands to land distribution in US department chain Nordstrom.


2012 – Selected to be included in the Golden Globe Gift Bags

2013 – Nominated Entrepreneur of the Year by Cosmopolitan Magazine

2013 – Winner for the prestigious Telstra Young Women’s Business Award

2013 – Selected to be included in the Oscars Gift Bags

2013 – Included in the list of Queensland’s Best and Brightest Top 50 under 50

2014 – Trailblazer Award for Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Awards

2014 – One of 12 entrepreneurs selected nationwide to meet Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton during their Australian tour. During this meeting, Jellaine had the opportunity to chat with the Duchess and gift her with Cherry Blooms’ flagship Brush On Fiber Lashes

2015 – Finalist for Brisbane Lord Mayor Awards, “Young Entrepreneur of the Year”

2015 – Finalist for the QLD Premier Export Awards

2015 – Launched in 110 Nordstrom Department Stores, USA

2015 – Winner for the Women in Business Gold Coast Awards

2015 – Finalist for the Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Awards

2015 – Winner for Stevie Awards International NY, Female Entrepreneur Australasia

2015 – BRW Fast Starters list, top 100

2016 – Launched in David Jones Australia

2016 – Raised Capital investment with Equity investor

2017 – Launched into 130 Dillards Department Stores, USA

Keen to learn more about Cherry Blooms or desperate to get your hands on the famous fibre lashes?

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Show Notes

  • Influences that inspired Jellaine to make the leap to opening her own business. 5:03
  • What were Jellaine’s expectations and goals in the first few years? 11:07
  • Importance of the Law of Attraction & how to harness it to get what you want. 14:21
  • How becoming a seminar junkie shaped Jellaine’s business acumen. 13:25
  • What you can’t skimp on when starting your business. 20:42
  • Hardest periods in business that Jellaine hasn’t shared with others. 28:20
  • How getting investors helped her business explode. 31:22
  • Tips on how to manage investors. 33:44
  • Criteria to assess investors. 35:54
  • The secret sauce of Cherry Blooms that has kept them front of mind with customers, retailers etc. 38:47
  • How Cherry Blooms cracked the US market. 42:54
  • The differences between Australia and US with marketing, advertising, legal approaches. 46:47
  • Kiss Poverty Goodbye Campaign & why it matters 51:02
  • If Jellaine could only spend 2 hours a week on her business, this is what she would you do 57:25
  • What did Jellaine spend a silly amount of money on? 58:41
  • When she is happiest? 1:00
  • If you’re in start-up mode, Jellaine’s tips on building a loyal following 1:02
  • Jellaine’s parting words on selling your product internationally 1:05