Sarah Young: Growth Mindset and the changing landscape of leadership

Having experienced first-hand, the two extremes of workplace culture and leadership, Sarah is dedicated to helping organisations develop their leaders and institute a results-driven yet people-focused culture. Drawing on more than 15 years of experience in dealing with top-level leaders, Sarah has devised executive and team leadership coaching and workshop programs that incorporate how to effectively lead, motivate and inspire others.

Her areas of expertise include coaching leaders in clarifying and communicating a compelling, purposeful vision as well as creating a dynamic leadership strategy and climate that will help stimulate teams to maximise both productivity and potential. Sarah works to strengthen her client’s emotional intelligence, leadership mindset and self-leadership which includes work/life integration and stress management.

She also coaches executive teams on developing a growth mindset, building a goal oriented, relationship management focused and customer-centric approach. Sarah works with clients to develop high performance and agile teams with a future focus and her personal passion is to help grow a healthy and robust culture incorporating diversity and inclusion.

Currently, Sarah facilitates Growth Mindset, Success Mindset and Leadership workshops as well as Leadership Coaching programs for senior leaders. Based out of Brisbane, Australia she regularly coaches teams and senior executives and she also consults for organisations on corporate culture and strategic leadership, frequently travelling between Australia and the UK. Aside from this, Sarah also writes leadership programs for national summits and delivers keynote talks geared towards inspiring the audience.

Career Highlights

• First female manager of a FTSE 250 London financial trading team at the age of 21
• Managed teams on a foreign exchange trading floor of 400 men and 2 women
• Negotiated trades of over $700 billion in a fast-paced environment
• Delivered a premium, client-centric service to Chief Dealers at the top 20 banks globally
• Guest lecturer for University of Queensland Business School courses
• Published article about corporate coaching in ‘Coaching Life’ Magazine

I’m sure for any business owner, Board’s, management who are looking to shape their business and people resources differently and are looking at different ways of getting the best out of their people, then this is a chat you need to tune into.

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Show Notes

• Sarah’s adventures before opening her own business, Vision Insight. 00:02:38
• What led Sarah into opening her own business? 00:04:35
• Sarah explains growth mindset 00:05:28
• What type of businesses benefit best with a growth mindset? 00:07:26
• Myths about growth mindset 00:10:45
• Growth mindset and awareness of ones’ own limitations 00:11:55
• Growth mindset tips that you can implement in the business now 00:13:19
• Relationship between growth mindset and leadership 00:14:18
• As a small business with limited budget, what are some tools to create a positive, engaged, and successful work environment 00:17:58
• Throughout Sarah’s career in leadership and as a growth mindset coach and facilitator, what is the one behaviour Sarah has seen that derail leaders’ careers. 00:19:59
• What Sarah believes is the next evolution of growth mindset and leadership. 00:20:44
• What does the phrase “happy workplace’ mean to Sarah? 00:21:26
• What are the common traits of people who’ve taken on growth mindset swear by? 00:22:42
• Practical tips you can do today to take on a growth mindset 00:23:48
• If you’re a small to medium sized businesses, Sarah shares her ideas on cost effective methods that management can implement to develop a growth mindset culture. 25:35