The Importance of Onboarding

Posted 11 June 2018

We’re excited today as we’re welcoming a new team member to our Manila office!  Fantastic first-day experiences are important to us, and we’ve found it’s really helped with keeping awesome people into our business.

Studies continue to show the importance of good onboarding.

  • Over 33% of new employees know whether they are going to stay with a company within their first 30 days of employment
  • Over 60% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experience great onboarding
  • Businesses with a standard onboarding process experience 50% greater new hire productivity.

First impressions count, especially with overseas team.  We’ve found that a great first-day experience, followed by an effective onboarding program to teach your new staff member about your business identity, structure, culture, processes and goals, will help your new employees engage quickly and add value to your business.

If you’re building an offshore team, do yourself a favour and invest time into an onboarding program. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

About FiltaGlobal

At FiltaGlobal, we teach our customers everything they need to know about building and managing offshore teams that actually work.

There’s a lot of ingredients that go into great offshoring – some obvious, some not.  We believe you should have access to all the ingredients from day one.  By being in our unique offshoring ecosystem, you and your staff will learn everything you need to know about building and managing a successful team in the Philippines and have the support you need at every stage of your offshoring journey.