What if Real Madrid only recruited local players?

Posted 31 May 2018

What an amazing European Champions League final over the weekend. For the uninitiated, Real Madrid (Spain) defeated Liverpool (England) to win the ECL for the third time in a row – a feat unheard of in the modern game.

There’s little doubt Real Madrid are one of the best football teams on the planet, no small part because have recruited some of the best football talent from around the world with players from Spain, Portugal, France, Brazil, Germany, Costa Rica and Wales.  With a nice blend of local and international talent, they have been able to build a squad that has climbed to the pinnacle of their sport.

But what if Real Madrid was made up of players within a 100km radius? Would Real Madrid have been able to scale the football heights they have without looking globally for the best people for their organisation?

Professional sports like football remind us of the power of globalisation. Granted, we don’t all have millions to spend on Cristiano Ronaldo like talent for our businesses, but we can look for more people in different markets to build innovative and dynamic businesses that can actually take on the world.

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