Where should you seat your call centre or customer service team?

Posted 25 June 2018.  Written by Nerissa Chaux

I’m in the mood to be proven wrong!

We’re one of the few (maybe only) offshoring companies that believes call centre / telesales roles should remain onshore; in Australia.

Studies have indicated that there seems to be a significant decrease in service quality and customer satisfaction when call centers are offshored and I agree based on my own experience, and listening to customers and contacts who have tried it in the past and quickly moved the function back onshore.

This might be one of the few times I agree with Commonwealth Bank as their 2017 research showed that 9 in 10 Australians preferred a local call center. However, we could be wrong.

Excluding large corporates, I’m genuinely curious if there are Australian small to medium sized businesses who have offshored sales roles and have seen genuine business growth as a direct result? I’m super keen to hear those stories. Why did you decide to do it and why do you think its’ worked for you? Thanks in advance for sharing and maybe helping me see it in a different light.  Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin and tell me your story.

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